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Application Case of Fuji Ultrasonic Flowmeter in Power Plant Flow Measurement
Date:2024-07-19 Show:1416


Due to the outstanding technical application advantages of Fuji ultrasonic flowmeters, Fuji ultrasonic flowmeters have been widely used in various fields such as power plant flow measurement, which can be reflected in the following application cases.    

It is necessary to measure the circulating water flow in hydropower station. Since the pipe diameters that need to be measured belong to large models, namely DN6000 models and DN3000 models, after comprehensive analysis and demonstration of the flow rate to be measured and various types of flowmeters, Fuji ultrasonic flowmeter, which is economical and feasible, can be used to solve the problem. Therefore, Fuji ultrasonic flowmeter was selected to measure the circulating water flow accurately, and the corresponding problems were solved. 

Before 2003, Shizuishan Power Plant generally used differential pressure flowmeter to achieve flow measurement in a single direction. After using Fuji ultrasonic flowmeter for flow measurement, negative flow phenomenon was found, which saved a lot of water purchase cost for the power plant. The power plant began to install vortex flowmeter in the condensate pipeline. However, due to the influence of the flow meter process changes in practice, higher requirements are put forward for the accuracy and accuracy of the flow meter, and the vortex flowmeter can not meet this demand in this case, so the ultrasonic flowmeter can be selected to make more accurate measurement under the condition of ensuring the normal operation of the power plant.   

In 2008, the factory needed to measure the relevant amount of oil in practice, because the mass flowmeter with a price of up to 100,000 yuan was used for measurement before, the price was expensive and the operation cycle was long, and the installation of the mass flowmeter was also extremely inconvenient. Later, the canal power plant selected an external clamp-type ultrasonic flowmeter with a price of only 20,000 yuan. Not only the existing problems are solved, but also the effective measurement results are achieved at a lower cost.

China Power plant began to choose the electromagnetic flow meter to measure the flow, before and after installation are made a better anti-corrosion lining, its processing is difficult and the use of high cost, but the use of Fuji sonic flow timing these problems are solved, without the use of more equipment and installation costs. 

To sum up, the current Fuji ultrasonic flowmeter has been used as a main flow measurement tool to more and more power plants, convenient installation and maintenance and long life cycle advantages make ultrasonic flowmeter popular, although ultrasonic flowmeter still has some defects, but I believe that with the rapid development of science and technology, Fujifilm ultrasonic flowmeter will get a broader development space with its comprehensive advantages. For example, Fuji portable ultrasonic flowmeter, Fuji fixed ultrasonic flowmeter, Fuji high-precision ultrasonic flowmeter



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