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Application of Fuji Ultrasonic Flowmeter in Water Supply
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With the increasing tension of water resources, the requirements of water meter measurement performance of water supply enterprises have gradually increased. In order to meet the metering requirements of the water supply industry, various metering instruments have been continuously improved from traditional mechanical water meters to electronic water meters. In recent years, electronic technology, computer technology and network communication technology have also been widely used in water meters, such as electronic remote transmission water meters, prepaid water meters, ultrasonic water meters, electromagnetic water meters and other applications.



         In real life, the general ordinary large diameter mechanical water meter in the use of 1 to 2 cycles, due to mechanical wear, the water meter began to slow down, especially the lower limit of flow, the negative difference of the water meter is greater. And the water meter in the process of use, often encounter unexpected reasons, resulting in the failure of the water meter, increasing the leakage rate of our water supply enterprises.

        When the failure of the mechanical water meter is serious, the water meter stops, the meter reading personnel can also be found in time when reading the meter, and a part of the loss can be recovered after changing the meter. If the impeller of the water meter is only partially damaged or partially broken, the water meter walks as usual, but it is slow, such failure phenomenon occurs from time to time in real life, and it is not easy to find in time. This virtually increases the production cost and leakage rate of water supply enterprises.


        A new type of flow meter, Fujifilm ultrasonic flowmeter, has appeared in the imported flowmeter market. This instrument has unique advantages that other instruments cannot compare, such as outside the pipe installation, no need to destroy the pipeline, no need to stop water production; No pressure loss; The size of the diameter pipe a price; It can be used as a flow test instrument and is favored by the water supply industry.




         The factory water is generally pure tap water. Traditionally, differential pressure flow measuring instrument is used to measure the outgoing water, which increases the head loss and directly affects the unit power consumption and other important production indicators. The time difference method of Fuji ultrasonic flowmeter not only has no head loss, but also its accuracy. Grade can fully meet the needs of production. In general, the accuracy given by the manufacturer is the accuracy level of the product, which is a technical performance indicator, and the accuracy level of a single instrument is often higher than this indicator. In the sale of water metering, the selection of Fuji ultrasonic flowmeter not only saves energy and reduces consumption, but also is the best form of realization from the function.





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