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Major Scientific And Technological Achievements in The 13th Five-Year Plan Were Unveiled
Date:2024-07-19 Show:1240

On November 11, the 22nd China International High-tech Fair opened in Shenzhen.


Around the theme of "Technology changes life, innovation drives development", a total of more than 3,000 exhibitors and nearly 10,000 projects at home and abroad participated in the exhibition.


This year is the end of China's "13th Five-Year Plan" year, the current CHTF focused on organizing the "13th Five-Year Plan" since the implementation of the major achievements. A number of national major science and technology projects, basic research, cutting-edge technology and other new progress, concentrated at the high-tech fair.


CCTV reporter Shuai Junquan: This is a major scientific and technological infrastructure for brain analysis and brain simulation. Through a series of fast three-dimensional fluorescence microscopic imaging systems, it can quickly scan animal brain sections, so as to obtain a complete connection map of animal brain nerves, and ultimately provide data support for human brain health and brain intelligence.


Using the latest tomography 3D imaging technology, the Shenzhen Advanced Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with domestic and foreign research teams, has analyzed the high-precision 3D structure of the first complete brain synapses at the molecular level, and completed the world's first "monkey brain whole brain map".



Wang Liping, a researcher at the Shenzhen Advanced Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: In addition to our basic research, this facility itself will be open to users outside of us for about 50% of the time to do some trial-and-error research with high cost and high added value, and then they can do some subsequent industrial transfer and transformation with the results. We are guided by an innovation-driven approach to our basic research.

Fan Jianping, president of the Shenzhen Advanced Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: In the past, many are to make up for the domestic gap, this year you see a lot from 0 to 1, so today we do is "fourteen five", it is possible that our industry is stuck in the neck of others technology, we begin to tackle today.


The current fair further plays the functions of "technology vane", "industry vane" and "innovation vane", highlighting the new business forms spawned by industrial transformation and industrial integration. This year, the fair also set up a new "IT Anti-epidemic Technology Zone" to showcase new technologies and products that play an important role in fighting the epidemic, including service robots, drones and many other fields. In addition, due to the impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic, the "Belt and Road" pavilion and the exhibition area of foreign delegations this year adopted an online and offline exhibition mode, with 24 countries and international organizations exhibiting offline, and 29 countries and international organizations exhibiting online.


Technological innovation to create smart city intelligence


The CHTF is known as the vane of China's technology, and a large number of new technologies and new products are competing to be unveiled.


The 5G commercial zone was set up for the first time this year, and various application scenarios have penetrated into all aspects of social life.



CCTV reporter Zhang Chunling: This is a water conservancy system that monitors water levels, rainfall, floating objects and dangerous environmental behavior in reservoirs through cameras and sensors. At the same time, the latest transmission technologies such as 5G and microwave can be used for unmanned duty in the case of no network and no electricity.

Yue Kun, President of Global Government Business Unit of Huawei Technologies Co., LTD. : This is often seen in the flood season when a water gauge, used to be through people to see the water gauge, every half an hour, an hour to see once, we can now look at the camera to see the water gauge, we can see the time shortened to a minute or even shorter time, the people can not do things through the machine to achieve.


With the acceleration of infrastructure construction such as 5G, downstream applications have also ushered in an outbreak. The iteration of sensors and a new generation of communication technology has solved the problem of no network and no electricity in remote areas. The concept of smart city has also been extended from the former decision-making brain to the urban intelligent body.


Yue Kun, President of the Global Government Business Department of Huawei Technologies Co., LTD. : Our urban intelligent agent today breaks through the concept of brain, and enables us to do such an intelligent agent that covers the whole process of smart city from the end perception to the final application processing.



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