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How to Choose Ultrasonic Flowmeter And Electromagnetic Flowmeter?
Date:2024-07-19 Show:1108

How to Choose Ultrasonic Flowmeter And Electromagnetic Flowmeter?


As the two most important flowmeters in the current flow measurement field, how to choose? Xiaobian from the following aspects for you to describe the characteristics of the following two, hope to provide some suggestions on the selection.



一、Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Ultrasonic flowmeter measurement principle:


At present, the ultrasonic flowmeter used in the industry mainly has two measuring principles, one is the time difference method, and the other is the Doppler principle, which is mainly the time difference method.


Time difference method measurement principle: ultrasonic wave in the fluid flow and counter-current propagation, the two propagation speed is different, the downstream fast, the counter-current slow, the time difference between the two and the flow rate of the fluid itself is proportional to the relationship between the measurement and calculation of the time difference to measure the flow rate, and then measured the flow.


Ultrasonic flowmeter selection characteristics:




Wide range of application, all kinds of homogeneous liquid, gas, steam can be measured,


It is very suitable for use in fluids with high sanitary requirements or strong acid and base.



Installation is extremely simple, the external clamp only needs to bundle the sensor to the outer wall of the pipeline.



Non-contact measurement, no barrier elements, not affected by operating pressure (except gas)


The range is very wide, the maximum can be measured ±32m/s, low flow rate measurement effect is better.



It requires little maintenance.





There are certain requirements for the straight pipe section, generally requiring the first ten times after five times the diameter of the pipe,


Necessary parameters need to be set during installation.


The measurement effect is poor for fluids with more particles or large bubbles.



二、Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Electromagnetic flowmeter measurement principle:


The structure of electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly composed of magnetic circuit system, measuring conduit, electrode, housing, lining and converter. When the conductive fluid flows through the pipeline of the external magnetic field, the induced electromotive force is generated under the action of the magnetic field. The induced electromotive force is proportional to the fluid velocity. The flow rate is measured by measuring the induced electromotive force. Faraday's law of induction, a conductive liquid flowing in a magnetic field creates an electromotive force (voltage), which is proportional to the inner diameter of the pipe, the strength of the magnetic field, and the average flow rate. E is proportional to V × × A.



Electromagnetic flowmeter selection characteristics:




A wide range of applications, mature technology, stable operation,


Wide range of ranges.


The measurement is not affected by the temperature, pressure, density or viscosity of the liquid

· Able to detect liquids containing contaminants (solids, bubbles)

· No pressure loss

· No moving parts (improves reliability)


It can measure fluids such as acid base, high turbidity or slurry





Can not measure ultra-pure water, dehydrated water, distilled water and other low conductivity fluids,


You can't measure gas or steam,


Large diameter cost and installation complex, high maintenance costs.



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