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Fujifilm Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Date:2024-03-05 Show:1050
Fuji Electric Fuji portable ultrasonic flowmeter 

This is a small and lightweight portable ultrasonic liquid flowmeter.

Measurement data can be saved on an SD memory card.


Converter (Model:FSC)

Long term measurements can be stored with SD memory card with heat consumption calculation function Display flow rate distribution by Doppler method (option) 12 hours continuous operation with battery drive with printer (optional) USB port for easy PC connection
With printer (optional), detector (Model:FSSD)
With printer (optional)Detector (Model:FSSD)


Consumption of heat calculation function
Large LCD display screen 

The data saved on the SD memory card can be replayed and displayed on the computer


main specifications


Applicable fluid

A homogeneous liquid through which ultrasonic waves can pass

Water, hot water, distilled water, alcohol, milk, ethanol, etc

Applicable pipe diameterφ13mm~φ6000mm(It depends on the detector)
Temperature of the fluid being measured-40~+200℃(It depends on the detector)
Velocity measurement range0~±32m/s(MIN±0.3m/s)
measurement accuracy±1.0% of rate(It depends on the flow rate)
Output cycle1s
measuring linePropagation time difference method
displayerWith backlit color  LCD
Analog output signalDC4~20mA(1点)
input signalDC4~20mA/DC1~5V(2点)
mains inputBuilt-in battery (can work continuously for 12 hours on full charge)
Converter structureIP64
Converter size210×120×65mm
Converter weightabout 1kg
SD memory cardstandard (256MB)Data can be stored for about 1 year
serial communication

Damping time constant (0 ~ 100 seconds)

It can display the instantaneous value (10 bits) and set various flow units

The cumulative value display (10 bits) and various flow unit Settings can be performed

Caloric calculation

Self-diagnosis (diagnosis of low battery power, received signal waves from sensors)

Flash memory (measurement parameters for pipes, fluids, sensors, etc.)

The number of logging points is 32

Zero adjustment (based on zero setting/clearing)

Forward and reverse flow measurement

Low flow truncation (0 ~ 5m/s)


With printer: screen copy, regular printing, recording data printing tube

Channel thickness meter (under development) : Measuring range 0.8 ~ 80.0mm(ultrasonic mode)

Doppler flow velocity distribution display: instantaneous value, average flow velocity distribution display




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