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Fuji Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Fuji Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Date:2024-03-05 Show:996

Fujifilm portable ultrasonic flowmeter uses the propagation time difference method to measure the volume flow inside the pipe from the outside. Using the latest electronic technology and digital signal processing technology, the product has achieved a qualitative leap in small weight, while the function and operability are also greatly improved. The new display surface design improves display visibility, the reliability of connector connectors and the enrichment of options.




1. Chinese interface, large screen display, easy to operate: you can choose Chinese, Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish


2. High accuracy, high speed response: high accuracy, accuracy of ±1.0%.


3. Instantaneous value display function: can display instantaneous flow rate, instantaneous flow (reverse flow is displayed in negative value)


4. Anti-bubble ability: The use of digital signal processing, anti-bubble ability has been greatly improved.


5. Address login function: the non-volatile memory of the ontology can log in to a maximum of 32 places (pipeline database).


6. Low flow truncation: 0 ~ 5m/s


7. Output setting function: current output can be scaled, output form interrupt setting and correction.


8. Graphic display function: traffic trend chart can be displayed


9. Recording function: instantaneous flow rate, instantaneous velocity, cumulative value, heat can be stored in SD card


10. Waveform display function: can display the received signal waveform


11. Heat measurement: Heat measurement can be carried out through temperature input, and energy management for cooling and heating can be simple.


12. SD memory card recording capacity is large: the measurement data can be saved to the SD memory card in a fixed period.


13. Serial communication: Using USB port, the connection with the computer is very easy. It is equipped with computer loading software (standard) to collect measurement data and display and change parameters (address setting).


14. Standard operating conditions are based on JEMIS-032 industrial standard


15, built-in battery: special lithium battery (5000mAh),


16. Power supply requirements: It can work continuously for 12 hours by built-in battery.


Use the power adapter to fill in 3 hours.


17. Response speed: ≤1s.


18. Ambient temperature: -10℃ ~ 45℃.


19. Ambient humidity: below 90%RH


20. Shell material: plastic.


21. Enclosure protection level: IP64 (without printer)


22. Liquid crystal display: semi-transparent color graphic display, display measurement values and various set values, outdoor direct sunlight has good visibility


23. Analog input signal: temperature input for heat measurement, etc.


DC4 to 20mA, 1:00.


DC4 ~ 20mA or DC1 ~ 5V, 1 o 'clock.


Always show function: realistic and set moments.


24. Printer (optional) : integrated installation mode on the upper part of the converter thermal sensitive serial dot matrix printing mode





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