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The Instrumentation Industry Should Move Forward into The Field of Innovation And Deeply Integrate with The Digital Economy
Date:2024-03-05 Show:1062

"If the industrial economy is compared to a dragon, the instrumentation industry is the 'eye of the dragon'." After the stage of rapid growth, the domestic instrumentation industry should emphasize precipitation and accumulation in the future, and improve innovation capabilities around product accuracy and reliability."


The reporter learned that China's instrumentation has initially formed a relatively complete product category, with a certain scale of production and development capabilities of the industrial system, has become the Asia-Pacific region in addition to Japan's second largest instrumentation producer. In 2019, there were 4948 enterprises in the domestic instrumentation industry, with the main business income of 831.486 billion yuan, an increase of 6.52%. The total profit of the industry was 85.832 billion yuan, an increase of 5.12%.


"The instrumentation industry is a highly integrated industry of manufacturing and information technology, and it is also one of the most typical industries for the development of high-tech industries." Zhu Baoliang, chief economist of the State Information Center, said that China's economy is gradually recovering in the fourth quarter of 2020, and the industry has basically returned to normal production. In order to advance to the field of innovation in the future, the instrument industry should be combined with industrial policy orientation and deep integration with the modern service industry, digital economy and green economy.


Talking about the connection between the instrumentation industry and the green economy, Fu Deqian, deputy director of the Professional Committee of social Environmental Monitoring and operation Services of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association, pointed out that environmental monitoring is a major application plate of instrumentation, "especially in the state of environmental pollution accidents, the detection efficiency of instrumentation is related to decision-making efficiency, so it is necessary to strengthen the research and development of rapid analysis and other technologies." At the same time, "online, automatic, portable" to become the new label of environmental protection testing instruments




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