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What Are The Components of The Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Date:2024-07-19 Show:1082

Electromagnetic flowmeter is roughly said to be composed of two parts of the sensor and the converter, the form of the flowmeter can be divided into two types: integrated and split.


It is mainly composed of magnetic circuit system, measuring catheter, electrode, lining, housing and converter.


The sensor of the electromagnetic flowmeter is connected with the pipe by flange connection, clamp connection and butt welding connection. 7 electrode materials are available (316L stainless steel, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C, tantalum, titanium, platinum, tungsten carbide), and 5 lining materials are available (neoprene CR, polytetrafluoroethylene F4(PTFE), polyperchlorinated ethylene propylene F46(FEP)\ polyurethane rubber PU, Teflon (PFA).


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