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Application Characteristics of HVAC

Ultrasonic flowmeter and energy meter are very important instruments in automatic instruments and devices, which have a great impact on the economy and safety of production. The correct measurement of flow is an important means of production and energy assessment, but also an important measure to improve production efficiency and ensure safe production, and the effect is very good in reducing energy waste. At the same time, ultrasonic flowmeter and energy meter have the characteristics of simple operation, convenient installation, wide application range, high measurement accuracy and affordable price. It has good effect in HVAC engineering test and measurement of air conditioning circulating water, and has been widely praised, and has become a convenient tool for HVAC engineering test, debugging, inspection and maintenance. 

Measurement Requirement

Central air conditioning energy measurement and energy-saving transformation, the central air conditioning to measure the "amount" is the amount of energy consumed (heat exchange). So the heat meter billing came into being. Heat meter billing is through the heat meter to measure the user's air conditioning end water consumption and temperature difference as the basis for the user's air conditioning consumption to charge, to solve the problem of difficult property management company charging, the user "more more, less use less", so that the charge can be based on evidence. At the same time, the actual cooling capacity of the central air conditioner is evaluated by the data of the energy scale.

The energy consumption of the pump in the central air conditioning system is quite large, and many users currently use the method of large temperature difference and small flow to reduce the energy consumption of the pump. The use of ultrasonic flowmeter to measure the accurate system water flow, reduce the ineffective excess flow, greatly reduce energy consumption. The water flow of each fan coil is tested and the hydraulic balance is adjusted with the use of pipeline valves. It can display the instantaneous flow rate, cumulative flow rate and velocity of the unit to avoid freezing of the heat exchanger during refrigeration or compressor failure during heating due to insufficient water supply caused by installation.

Checking the water flow of the modular chiller Detects the flow of the pump to determine whether the pump is working within the normal range. Measurement of the flow of cooling water and chilled water in medium and large chiller units. The size of the chilled water flow directly affects whether the evaporator freezes, the operating efficiency of the chiller and the service life of the unit. Can be used to adjust the safe flow setting value of the differential pressure flow switch. Application in the hydraulic balance of air conditioning system By measuring the water flow of the main pipe and branch pipe, the water flow distribution of each branch pipe in the system is reasonable. Used to debug static and dynamic balancing valves.

Keep the flow within the desired range by measuring the water flow in the main or branch pipe and adjusting the corresponding balance valve opening. Application in commissioning of water source Heat pump and ground source heat pump system To detect the flow rate of each water source heat pump to avoid the condensation pressure increase caused by insufficient water flow. Monitor groundwater flow to ensure the unit is operating at its best. Application in pump flow detection The pump flow is detected to determine whether the pump is working in normal state. Flow distribution between multiple pumps. The commissioning of the water flow of the end equipment ensures that the water flow of the end is within the qualified range to avoid the situation of uneven cold and hot. 

Measurement Requirement

This series of ultrasonic flowmeter is an industrial time difference ultrasonic flowmeter. It uses the latest 700,000-gate array of industrial-grade FPGA chips, greatly improving the signal sampling frequency and bubble tolerance rate, and the self-developed digital technology makes it capable of processing more complex logic and operations. Achieve more accurate and faster measurements.1. Excellent performance: flow rate, cooling capacity and heat consumption can be realized. High speed response, high stability, accuracy up to 1%.2. Diameter range: measuring diameter φ25mm~φ1200mm.3. Simple installation: flow sensor external clamp installation, no pipeline construction. 



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