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Characteristics of Flow Measurement in Chemical Industry

Due to the diversity of the measured medium, the measurement range is extremely broad, from the small flow of measuring additives and small test devices to the large flow of measuring raw gas flow, fluid from common water vapor, air, gas, etc., to all kinds of chemical products and semi-finished products, as well as residual oil, liquid ammonia, liquid hydrocarbons and other difficult to measure objects. Everything.In addition to the above basic characteristics, there is a distinctive feature - corrosion: many of the measured flow body is corrosive. The corrosion resistance of the part in contact with corrosive media must be considered when the instrument is selected.

Characteristics of Kekun Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter - non-contact High-precision Measurement

The portable ultrasonic flowmeter adopts the Measurement principle of the acoustic wave propagation time difference method, and uses new electronic technology and digital signal processing technology, which has strong antibubble ability and realizes the requirements of high-precision measurement. External clamp installation, non-contact measurement. After calibration, the accuracy can reach ±0.5%. Metal,non-metal and lined pipes can be measured.

Kekun's Solution for A Chemical Enterprise in Shanghai - Measurement of Liquid And Alkali Flow

Liquid alkali is a highly corrosive alkaline liquid, ultrasonic flowmeter as a non-contact instrument for the measurement of corrosive media, measurement accuracy is high, will not be affected by the measured medium parameters interference, is an important means to effectively solve the strong corrosive media such as flow measurement, very suitable for the chemical industry measurement requirements, in the chemical industry has a very wide range of application prospects. The sensor of ultrasonic flowmeter, through the external clamp installation, avoids direct contact with liquid alkali, and realizes the accurate measurement of liquid alkali.With the original imported parts, the anti-bubble ability can reach 12Vol%. The external clamp installation 0.2s high-speed response accuracy can reach ±0.5%



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